At the Kuhler Funeral Home we treat each family as if they were part of our own family. We explain all the different options that the family has, so that whatever service is selected, it helps the family move forward in the mourning process. The following are some of the more common ways that we use to personalize a funeral. We strive to meet each family's wishes to help provide them with the type of service they desire for their loved one.

Video Presentation
Bring in up to 80 pictures, and our creative staff will put together a video presentation of your loved one to be viewed online, during the visitation and at the service, if possible. 

Memorial Register Books
At Kuhler Funeral Home, we have a wide variety of memorial register books from which to choose. Some are standard and some are very customized.  Photos from the video can be placed in a customized register book and multiple copies of books can be created.

Memorial Folders

The Kuhler Funeral Home's creative department offers a large selection of memorial folders. From a pocket folder to a full-size custom folder, we give you options. Folders traditionally have the obituary printed on the left side, and service information on the right side. The back of the folder is sometimes used for printing a thank you message to attendees or to print your loved one's favorite Bible verse. Some folders are pre-printed on the outside, with matching thank you cards and register book available to keep with a theme, such as wheat for the farmer, flowers for the flower gardener, or the American flag for a veteran, etc. Custom folders, using several photos, poems, etc., are also available, with the obituary, service information and photos of your loved one and family.

Thank You Cards
Our selection of thank you cards range from pre-printed to match the memorial folders, or our creative staff can customize your thank you cards.

Flower Photographs
As a lasting memory of your caring family and friends who sent floral tributes, our staff will take photographs of all arrangements that are delivered to the funeral home, and record the sender information. This information is given to our creative staff, where they put it all together on pages for you. These pages can be helpful when writing thank you cards, and to show others the arrangements after the funeral.

If you desire, you may bring in CDs of favorite music, so that they can be played during the visitation. Any type of music, including rock, country, classical music, or traditional hymns may be used.

Memory Boards
If you wish, a memory board will be provided to you and your family to assist you in displaying photos of your loved one and your family. The memory board will be displayed during the visitation and at the service.

Memory Table
If you have items special to your loved one that you wish to display, or you have photos in special frames, we can provide tables during the visitation and service. You may wish to share quilts, hand-crafted items, woodwork projects, trophies, etc. on the memory table or around the funeral home as well.

Memorilization Items
We offer a wide range of memorialization items such as candles, candles using the flowers from an floral arrangements, fingerprint jewelry, keepsake jewelry, and personalized, keepsake and sharing urns.