Kuhler Bereavement Services and Grief Support

You’re not alone...
Losing a loved one is a very difficult time for all of us. After the services are over, we begin the process of transition to a life that’s changed. You may feel very alone. We want you to know that you ‘re not alone. We live in a great community -- a place where people pull together in time of need. We will remember you with our continuing care program and also grief counseling if needed. We believe it is important to attend to your emotional needs as well as to help you plan and conduct a meaningful service, because we have been doing this since 1985. With the love and support of friends and family, you will be able to make this transition as the difficult times gradually evolve into memories of the love that was shared. Love lasts forever.

About Kuhler Bereavement Services

Deborah Kuhler, M.A., L.P.C., C.T.
Deb is a licensed professional counselor and is certified in Thanatology by the Association of Death Education and Counseling.

Community Education
Education about funerals, loss, and grief is available to the community through books, pamphlets, audio-visual materials, seminars, tours, and presentations.

Continuing Care
Ongoing support is provided for Kuhler Funeral Home families through visits, cards, educational materials and phone calls. Counseling is available if needed for families we have served.  There is no charge for families we have served.

Grief and Loss Counseling
Individual psychotherapy is available upon request for individuals whose needs include grief and loss issues. These services are available for an hourly fee.

How to Obtain Services

Community Education
To obtain educational services, call the Kuhler Funeral Home for information. You can arrange tours and presentations and we can provide educational resources through the use of our library.

Continuing Care
These services are available to any family served by Kuhler Funeral Home. We will provide phone calls, visits, reading materials, and counseling sessions, depending on your needs. In addition, referrals can be made to other services in the community. Bereavement support groups are sometimes available if there are sufficient numbers to organize a group.

Grief and Loss Counseling
Confidential individual counseling sessions are available. Sometimes the loss is so traumatic, or it occurs within the background of numerous other stresses, that further counseling is needed. Grief is a normal reaction to a loss that usually does not require therapy. However, it is nice to know that these services are available if they are needed. To make arrangements for an individual counseling session, call and ask for Deb at 352-4234, or e-mail her by clicking on the following link: E-mail Deb Kuhler

The Care Community Link
This web site is designed to be a resource of help and support for people in grief. The site features blogs from grief and loss author, Doug Manning, forums for grief issues, and “Grief’s Safe Place” for those who have experienced a loss.