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At Kuhler Funeral Home, we want you to know that all plans are not alike. You know us... our firm is family orientated and has been serving families in Huron and the surrounding area since 1947. We simply ask that you compare our plan with any other plan before you commit yourself to any advance planning.

At Kuhler Funeral Home when you fund your plans in advance, all of your money is placed in a trust account at a local bank or credit union of your choice. At the time of death, the trust will have 100% of the funds placed in the trust, plus 100% of the interest it has earned. Nothing is taken out in the form of commission.

We also offer pre-funding with insurance. People who choose the insurance funding option can see an immediate increase in value to their policy, benefits of making payments over time with no balance due if death should occur while payments are still being made and optional coverage for minor children and grandchildren for more peace of mind. Contact us for more information. Health or age may limit access to insurance as a funding option.

We consistently provide the personal service you have come to expect from us over the years. Please feel free to call us at 605-352-4234, or stop by with your questions.

Download the Funeral Planning Guide

You can save the file, print it, or e-mail the Planning Guide.

We will help you:

Coordinate with clergy to set the time and place for the service.

Arrange for: music, including vocalists, organist/pianist, and/or special musical selections, and casket bearers.

Make cemetery arrangements, including help with selection of a cemetery and spaces if necessary; see that the space is opened and closed.

By offering a selection of: caskets, outer burial receptacles (grave liners and vaults), cremation urns, urn vaults, keepsake and sharing urns, and jewelry.

By providing a selection of: service folders, memorial register books and thank-you cards from which to choose.

Plan post-service lunch/reception.

Place the obituary and/or funeral notice in newspapers of your choice on local radio stations and our web page.

Personalize the service by: helping to create a video of photos to be shown during the visitation, service, and online. (Click here to see other personalized services)

We will assist you in planning the type of service you desire to have to honor your loved one, and carry out your wishes.

Benefits and Assistance

We will assist you by filing the death certificate in the state in which the death occurs, obtaining a burial permit, and ordering certified death certificates from the appropriate authorities. To obtain a certified death certificate in the state of South Dakota, you may contact the Beadle County Register of Deeds.

We will also file for social security and veterans benefits on your behalf. For additional information on these benefits, please click on the following links:

Social Security

Veterans Benefits

To complete the funeral planning:

We will help you with the arrangements that will need to made in order to plan a service and to complete the necessary documents that must be filed.

Here is some of what we will work on together with you:

Vital Statistics

In order to complete the death certificate and social security forms, we will need information such as:

  • Complete date of birth and birthplace
  • Parents' names, including mother's maiden name
  • Social Security number
  • Main occupation during most of working life
  • Education level

Obituary Information

We will assist you in preparing an obituary for the newspaper and the memorial folder.

We will need:

  • Educational history
  • Where lived
  • Date and place of marriage, if appropriate
  • Occupation and employment
  • Clubs, organizations, honors
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Church affiliation
  • A list of surviving family members, and where they live
  • A list of family members who have preceded the deceased in death


A photograph may be used in most newspapers with the obituary if you wish. Photographs are also an option for the memorial folder, and they are helpful to assist us with styling hair. A photo may be either black and white or color, and any size will work. An useful photograph is one with a sharp, well-lit likeness of the individual in a relatively clear background. If other persons are in the photograph, that is usually not a problem as long as the individual is clearly visible and not covered by others.


Formal or dress clothing is not required. Please feel free to choose clothing that reflects the lifestyle and tastes of your loved one. Please bring a complete set of clothing, including underclothes. Shoes are optional.

Discharge Papers

If the deceased is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, a copy of the discharge papers is needed in order to adequately complete the veteran's forms for a burial flag, a grave marker, and other benefits. You may bring in the original, we will make a copy of it here, and return your original to you.

Insurance Policies

Often, assistance in filing insurance claims is available through the insurance agent who has provided the service on the policy to you and your family. However, when an agent is no longer available, we can assist you. Just bring in the policy, correspondence, and other forms from the insurance company, and we will help obtain claim forms and file a claim.


We at Kuhler Funeral Home are proud to participate in the Talk of a Lifetimeā„  campaign-a national effort to encourage families to have conversations about life and what matters most.Click the picture above to learn more and download a brochure.Or better yet, stop by our office to pick up a brochure.

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